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#320 Upgrade to Karaf 4.0.0 roedll enhancement minor Framework
#343 Evaluate upgrade to Karaf 4 and possible changes roedll task (new feature) minor Assembly 1.2.14
#362 Warn if state machine configuration has inconsistencies roedll bug minor Processing Event 1.2.16
#364 Sanitize invalid inputs for websocket connection properties roedll enhancement minor Event\Connector 1.2.16
#366 Upgrade to Karaf 4.0.4 roedll enhancement minor Assembly 1.2.16
#367 Remove scheduler and replace it with the Karaf implementation roedll enhancement minor Scheduler 1.2.16
#368 Karaf tries to start HOMER twice on startup roedll bug minor Framework 1.2.16
#369 Possibility to recover connection in case of network failure roedll enhancement minor Event\Connector 1.2.16
#370 Some tests fail when executed on a leap day roedll bug minor Common 1.2.16
#371 Provide minimal Kotlin OSGI bundle example roedll enhancement minor Examples 1.2.16
#373 Remove Isoagent as it's not used any more roedll enhancement minor Isoagent 1.2.16
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